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U.S. Trade and Development Agency advances procurement training for Kenyan leaders

USTDA Kenyan Leaders

ARLINGTON, Va. – This week, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency welcomed a delegation of 14 senior Kenyan government officials to share best practices on innovative, value-based tools that promote fair, transparent public procurement.

“USTDA is helping countries like Kenya to strengthen their procurement practices,” said USTDA Acting Director Thomas R. Hardy, who greeted the delegation at the Agency’s headquarters. “This program will help the Kenyan people obtain the highest-quality goods and services for their money.”

The delegation is taking part in an 8-day orientation visit to the United States under the Global Procurement Initiative: Understanding Best Value (GPI) that includes training from infrastructure procurement experts, procurement law specialists, as well as Federal, state and local officials in the Washington, DC metropolitan area on best practices in procurement.

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Launched in 2013, USTDA’s Global Procurement Initiative: Understanding Best Value includes 11 partner countries and is currently receiving requests from additional countries to partner under the Initiative.


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