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USTDA – technical assistance: Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) smart city roadmap and traffic monitoring platform project


The Grantee (Greater Amman Municipality) invites submission of qualifications and proposal data (collectively referred to as the “Proposal”) from interested U.S. firms that are qualified on the basis of experience and capability to develop the GAM Smart City Roadmap and Traffic Monitoring Platform Project Technical Assistance.

Since 2004, Amman’s population has quadrupled to over 4 million residents, representing more than 42 percent of Jordan’s total population. By 2025, this figure is expected to pass 6.4 million. With this rapid growth of urbanization, the Grantee is embracing digital innovation to achieve its development objectives. While the Grantee has made continuous improvements to the Amman’s IT infrastructure to assist in its urban planning needs, to date no integrated plan for smart city development has been prepared. Consistent with the accelerated global adoption of “smart” platforms and data-driven urban planning, the Grantee wishes to prepare a strategic roadmap to define how the smart city paradigm can help meet its public service objectives through a Smart City Roadmap and a Traffic Monitoring Platform.

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The Smart City Roadmap would help to capture policy priorities; determine a spectrum of technology solutions; and define required investments that can be sequenced in such a way that would facilitate optimal results over the near- (0-3 years), medium (3-5 years), and long-term (5-10 years). The Traffic Monitoring Platform would support the Grantee in evaluating viable technology solutions that could help mitigate traffic congestion challenges confronting Amman through technology solutions such as real-time surveillance of traffic conditions through the introduction of traffic cameras, sensors, intelligent applications, and data analytics.

The objective of this TA is two-fold: (1) support the Grantee in the development of a Smart City Roadmap harnessing ICT as a means to enhance city operations, public services, and citizens’ quality of life; and (2) to determine and define the parameters for the implementation of a Traffic Monitoring Platform as an immediate smart city initiative to alleviate urban roadway congestion in Amman.

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