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USTDA produces unprecedented amount of U.S. exports

USTDA exports

Arlington, VA – Today, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency announced a record-breaking return on investment since the Agency was created in 1992. Far exceeding results from previous years, USTDA is generating $111 in U.S. exports for every dollar invested in infrastructure projects in emerging markets.

“USTDA’s outstanding results reflect the Agency’s unique mission, the excellent work of our staff, and the dynamic partnerships that we form with U.S. businesses and overseas stakeholders,” said Acting Director Thomas R. Hardy. “Though we surpassed our previous best, we are determined to go even further. By strategically expanding our staff and portfolio in the Indo-Pacific region, launching our Access Africa program and forging new partnerships in every corner of the world, USTDA’s future has never been brighter.”

In addition to achieving a record-breaking export multiplier, USTDA identified more than $6.7 billion in U.S. exports in FY2019 alone. These exports span across the energy, transportation, and telecommunications sectors, supporting U.S. businesses of all sizes across the country.

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USTDA’s continued success comes from its unique mission of connecting U.S. businesses to infrastructure project opportunities overseas, while at the same time supporting the infrastructure development goals of partner countries.

As the U.S. government’s project preparation agency, USTDA maintains a diverse portfolio of projects in response to the demands of its stakeholders. The Agency looks forward to expanding partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region, supporting infrastructure projects in the transportation, energy, and telecommunications sectors.

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