US-Japan Trade Meeting Begins: ETFs in Focus

Another trade war is the last thing investors would want to witness. Hoping for the officials to reach a common platform, all eyes are on the two-day meet between Japan’s Minister of Economy Toshimitsu Motegi and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

“Trade-wise, I think we will be announcing some things probably in August that will be very good for both countries,” said Trump at a news conference held in Tokyo on May 26. The importance of this two-day meeting is immense for both the countries. Japan and the United States will be trying to reach a common ground for tariffs on agricultural products, including beef, pork, and wheat and auto parts

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Trump’s Bargain Points

President Trump has been trying to revitalize the agricultural sector, which has been massively hit by his America first propaganda . It is worth noting that the U.S. farm lobby holds major influence in Washington and with the 2020 Presidential Elections in sight Trump is trying hard to come to a consensual decision with his Japanese counterpart .

Japan is a very large market for U.S. agricultural exporters . In 2018, the United States exported around $13 billion worth of agricultural products to Japan, which stood out to be the third-largest agricultural export market. U.S. farmers have been facing disadvantages and competitive pressure since Trump opted out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership .

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