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Technical assistance for Equatorial Energia smart grid telecommunications support plan

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The Grantee (Equatorial Energia) invites submission of qualifications and proposal data (collectively referred to as the “Proposal”) from interested U.S. firms that are qualified on the basis of experience and capability to develop a technical assistance that will enable Equatorial Energia to define the telecommunications vision, architecture, and build-out plan to support one of its subsidiaries, Companhia Energética do Maranhão (CEMAR), over the near- to long-term.


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Equatorial Energia is a major holding company operating in the Brazilian electricity sector. Its subsidiary Companhia Energética do Maranhão (CEMAR) provides electricity to over 2.4 million customers in state of Maranhão. CEMAR expects its customer base to grow to 3.1 million by 2028, an approximately 30 percent increase in customers from its 2018 customer base.

This anticipated growth will increase revenue, but also put a strain on the company’s existing assets and telecommunication capabilities. The goal of Equatorial Energia is to use CEMAR as a platform for the adoption and deployment of new technologies that would contribute to the group’s goals of fully modernizing and integrating systems among its electric distributors in a structured and interoperable fashion.

The technical assistance will integrate CEMAR’s telecommunications network with Equatorial Energia’s operational and management systems. This would include the adoption of automated telemetry metering technologies, transmission and distribution automation, the incorporation of new work force management tools, an improved billing and collection system, and guidance on mobile applications.

The technical assistance also includes workshops intended to apply the relevant results of the Smart Grid Telecommunications Support Plan for CEMAR to inform telecommunications planning for the other three electric power utilities that are owned by Equatorial Energia, Centrais Eléctricas do Pará (“CELPA”), Companhia Energética do Piauí (“CEPISA”), and Companhia Energética do Alagoas (“CEAL”), the transmission arm of the parent company, Equatorial Transmissão, and any other electric companies acquired by Equatorial Energia in the future.

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