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Seadragon Education hiring a Recruitment Manager in the U.S. and English teachers in China

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TN-China Network Corporate Member Seadragon Education (SDE) is now hiring a Recruitment Manager in the US and English teachers in China.  SDE recruits, trains, and manages foreign teachers to work in China.

Recruitment Manager Position

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Some of the responsibilities of the Recruitment Manager will include branding SDE on social media and building relationships with American schools via job fairs and other means. Key qualifications required include a great personality and excellent communication abilities. Marketing experience is also preferred.

This full-time position allows work from home, but requires business and training travel, including to SDE’s US headquarters located in Vienna, Virginia. The Recruitment Manager will be compensated at $3,000 per month.

English Teacher Positions

Public School English Teacher in Beijing, Grades 7-9

Public School AP Course Teacher in Beijing, Grades 7-9

Oral English Teacher at Bilingual Kindergarten in Beijing, Ages 3-6

Private School English Teacher in Shandong Province, Grades 1-8


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