Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT): Italia Road Show

Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) in New York City

TradePost USA had the pleasure of participating in the Italia Road Show, which was held at the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) in New York City on May 17, 2019.

The event’s primary function was to promote the destination and the touristic features offered by Lombardy, Italy. The Italian Tourist Board wants to encourage people to venture out in Italy and discover other destinations outside the main routes.

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The Lombardy Region is in the north of Italy and has Milan as its capital. It is also the fourth largest region in Italy and has the largest population.

One very interesting new destination that The Italian Tourist Board has added is the Borghi Italia. Borgos are fortified villages which were formed around a major castle or palace during the middle ages through the Renaissance and were created all over Italy. Because they are fortified, they offer a great deal of privacy to a group traveling together, e.g. a wedding party, incentive group, or friends traveling together. The entire Borgo may be rented.


Wayne V. Lee, Jr.

President at Wayne’s World Media Group

Rosa Maria Musco

Head of External Relations at Borghi Italia Tour Network

Gianni Miradoli

President at Tourinvest LLC

      • Content from Borghi Italia and Tourinvest press release


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