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Food Export Association of the Midwest USA & Food Export USA – Northeast: trade mission to China for retail products

August 11 - August 14

Focused Trade Mission to China

Connect and Drive Sales
It is clear China’s increased wealth had led to an increase in consumption of imported food and agricultural products. 2016 exports of U.S. agricultural products rose 6% to US$21.4 billion as the country regained its top rank as a destination. That represented an increase of 87%. In 2016, U.S. exports of consumer oriented food products to China amounted to US$2.2 billion. China remains the 6th largest market for consumer ready food products from the U.S. China also remains the 5th largest market for the export of U.S. processed foods, totaling US$1.7 billion in 2016.

Food consumption patterns in China have changed significantly as living standards have risen and more consumers are exposed to a greater diversity of choice, both locally and through travel abroad. Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and more are seeking the following qualities when making purchases. Nutritional value: consumer concern over health is growing continuously. Attractive packaging: Chinese consumers are easily attracted by exquisite packaging and will often pay a premium for it. Brand-conscious: brand halo effects are strong among consumers and can extend to countries considered famous for those products regardless of the brand itself. International: consumers equate international products and experiences with a better lifestyle. And finally, Convenience has a great deal to do with their shopping habits and retailers are responding to that in major ways.

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