Business Groups Line Up Behind Limits to Trump’s Tariffs Powers

US Chamber of Commerce - China

After failing to stop Donald Trump from unleashing tariffs on national security grounds, the U.S. business community is lining up behind efforts to limit his power to impose them.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, and two coalitions with dozens of trade associations are backing legislation to require congressional approval before a president imposes such national-security tariffs. Trump used the authority in 2018 to slap duties on steel and aluminum imports, and he’s been threatening for months to do the same with foreign-made vehicles and parts.

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Similar legislation didn’t advance last year, and it’s unclear what the prospects are with the new Congress. But the business groups say Trump’s metals tariffs and retaliatory duties which came in response have hurt U.S. industry, farmers and workers — and that it’s time to assert Congress’ constitutional role in trade policy.

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