Brexit: EU points finger at UK for Theresa May’s deal defeat

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Once again – just as the last time the Brexit deal was rejected in parliament – reaction by EU leaders was prompt, co-ordinated and on message.

It was a result they’d been dreading but expecting.

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European politician after European politician tweeted to say how disappointed they were, how businesses and citizens across the EU and UK now faced more agonising uncertainty and that the vote in the House of Commons brought everyone much closer to a no-deal Brexit.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier best summed up the European mood when he insisted the EU had done everything it could and that the deadlock could only be solved in the UK. There would be no more negotiations.

Notable on Tuesday night was the complete absence of any self-recrimination. Even in private, there was no discernible European soul-searching that more could have or should have been offered.
Quite the opposite.
The EU finger of blame points directly at the UK and the fact that parliament did not decide, or rather was never consulted about, what kind of Brexit it wanted before negotiations began – even when everyone knew MPs would have the final say on any resulting deal.

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