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Access Africa initiative for U.S. companies to develop quality information and communication technology infrastructure across Sub-Saharan Africa

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency connects America’s private sector to infrastructure projects in developing and middle-income countries. USTDA is unique among federal agencies, as it is mandated to promote U.S. industry participation in infrastructure projects at the critical early stages when design choices and technology options are defined.

Access Africa is a partnership between USTDA and U.S. industry leaders to support the development of quality ICT infrastructure and services across Sub-Saharan Africa. Working with public and private sectors across the continent, Access Africa brings together critical stakeholders and designs targeted programming to advance inclusive, secure and sustainable connectivity.

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Access Africa partners directly contribute to the identification and execution of USTDA activities that support Sub-Saharan Africa’s ICT sector. USTDA supports the technical, regulatory, institutional and procurement priorities of its Access Africa partners, while providing a framework for public and private sector entities in Sub- Saharan Africa to partner with trusted ICT solution providers in the United States.

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