Big Wins – April 10, 2018

Our readers’ views on Trump’s U.S.-China trade war

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The United States and China

Fiorenzo Arcadi, CEO, Toronto Hockey Store & Goalie Heaven Ltd.:

No Trade War Between the United States and China, Only Compromise

China’s export-oriented strategy is akin to competitive hoarding. Donald Trump indicated he has respect for China and emerging configurations of both countries to enhance trade stability and fair export promotions and investments. The US and China’s economic integration does offer stability to international markets. What the Trump administration is saying to China is that even though their trade relations are increasingly complex, they offer an opportunity for stability in international markets.


Indigo Trade Solutions: An Inappropriate Battlefield. This battlefield is the thriving economy of two countries. Is this really the right place and the right weaponry?

TN-China Network  hosted a Chinese Business Experts Roundtable in Nashville April 5th, 2018. Normally, this type of event would center around advice on trademarks needed when selling goods, options to finance imports and how to build relationships across cultural divides. This session, however, was all about “trade wars” or at least the trade skirmish the US has started with China.

METYX announces new technical textiles manufacturing facility

METYX Composites (Istanbul, Turkey) has completed an agreement with the Gaston County Economic Development Commission in North Carolina to acquire a manufacturing facility for its new METYX USA Technical Textiles Division. An acquisition of 30 acre (120 000 sq. m) site and existing buildings has been finalized, which includes 130,000 sq. ft (~ 12,000 sq. m) of covered space.

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