Apples Woes Not Its Gadgets Overshadow Tech’s Big Trade Show

Tim Cook

Apple Inc. won’t be placing a giant booth at the big CES tech trade show that started yesterday in Las Vegas, but its recent sales warning – and the country it blamed for the shortfall – will undoubtedly be the talk of the show.

Typically, Apple casts a shadow over CES due to anticipation for the iPhone maker’s next product, competitors racing to beat them to the market and hundreds of accessory makers looking to make a buck on the iPhone maker’s platform. This year, Apple’s reduced revenue forecast and whether the flagging Chinese economy will hamper other big electronics companies will vie for attendees’ attention.

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The consumer electronics trade show is partly known for being divorced from the real world. It’s a place where companies show off early prototypes that may never turn into commercial products. While some attend CES to see game-changing advances like the original Xbox in 2001, the Palm Pre phone in 2009, and 3-D and 4K TVs in more recent years, the real noise is made in backroom meetings among major companies and suppliers of the potentially next big thing.

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